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Finding a Personal Injury Lawyer, Simplified

Injured in an accident? Tell us about the accident and Adidem will obtain quotes/proposals from personal injury attorneys near you. Compare their quotes to see who is the best accident lawyer to hire for your claim.  It only takes you 5 minutes and it's free!

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How does Adidem work?

Our process is simple and effective in helping you find the best personal injury lawyer to handle your claim.

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Tell Us About Your Claim


Simply select "Get Free Legal Proposals Now" and complete our questionnaire and describe how the accident happened and the nature of your injuries.

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Attorneys Provide you Proposals


Attorneys review your information and provide you with proposals offering their services. The proposals should include the estimated costs to hire the attorney and the potential value of your claim.

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Compare Legal Proposals


You review the proposals and compare attorneys. See who has the best experience and provides you the best value.

Hire the Attorney Right for You

Hire the Attorney Right for You


You pick the attorney you want to work with and Adidem will get them in touch with you. Best of all, Adidem does this for you for free!

Our Software

We know hiring an attorney can be complicated. Adidem is designed to easily bring personal injury lawyers to you. By inserting technology, transparency and competition into the attorney hiring process, we can help you find the right attorney to resolve your claim.


What is required to obtain attorney proposals?

It's as simple as completing our claim questionaire!

Our questions are designed to be similar to those an attorney would initially ask you to assess your claim if you met an attorney in person.

You can also invite specific attorneys to provide you with a proposal or you can allow any attorney to provide you with a proposal for your claim.

Get Free Legal Proposals Now

Attorney Proposals

When an attorney submits a proposal to you, Adidem asks the attorneys to provide you with (i) the attorney’s experience, (ii) the estimated costs to hire the attorney, (iii) the estimated amount you may recover and (iv) the time it may take to resolve your claim. You then review and compare the proposals and hire the best personal injury attorney for you. It's that simple.

Get Free Legal Proposals Now
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Security is our top priority

The information you provide Adidem is only released to an attorney that has agreed to keep your information confidential. This is the same process if you met with a lawyer without using Adidem. We also keep your data encrypted to prevent it from being accessed by others.

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