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How does Adidem work?

Our process is simple and effective in helping you find the best personal injury lawyer to handle your claim.

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Simply select "Get Free Legal Proposals Now" and complete our questionnaire and describe how the accident happened and the nature of your injuries.

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Attorneys review your information and provide you with proposals offering their services. The proposals should include the estimated costs to hire the attorney and the potential value of your claim.

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You review the proposals and compare Alberta attorneys. See who has the best experience and provides you the best value.

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You pick the Alberta attorney you want to work with and Adidem will get them in touch with you. Best of all, Adidem does this for you for free!

Frequently Asked Questions About Adidem and Calgary Accident Lawyers (FAQ)

Getting proposals from personal injury claim lawyers in Calgary can be this simple! Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQ) on how Adidem works

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Adidem's quote software is designed to be simple.  There are only three steps that you need to complete: 

1.  Click "Get Free Legal Proposals Now"

2.  Complete Adidem's personal injury questionnaire

3.  Create an Adidem account

Then wait for quotes/proposals from accident attorneys in Birmingham, AL to come to you and you can decide if you'd like to hire a lawyer.  It is that simple. 

Adidem gets you access to legal information from personal injury lawyers in Birmingham, Alabama that was difficult to previously obtain.  We know the questions you need to ask Birmingham personal injury lawyers before deciding who is the right attorney to hire.  The information we obtain for you helps you decide if you want to hire a lawyer and which lawyer provides you the best value and the best opportunity to successfully resolve your claim. 


We ask lawyers to provide you with the following information: 

  1. That lawyer's experience and education; 

  2. An introductory video of the lawyer so you can see who you might hire; 

  3. The estimated amount of your claim  (how much compensation you may be entitled);

  4. The estimated amount it will cost you to hire the lawyer; 

  5. The estimated amount you will recover after all fees; and

  6. How long the attorney estimates that it will take to resolve your claim. 

Before a lawyer can provide you a quote, that lawyer needs information to be able to estimate the value of your claim and the costs to resolve your claim.  Our injury questionnaire is designed to only ask you the questions needed to obtain proposals from lawyers and just enough information for attorneys to provide you a preliminary estimate of your claim. 

Adidem can be used to find a lawyer for any personal injury claim in Birmingham, Alabama, including (i) car accidents (i.e. car wrecks), (ii) motorcycle accidents, (iii) bicycle accidents, (iv) work accidents, (v) slip and fall accidents, (vi) medical malpractice accidents (injuries resulting from a doctor or other medical professional), assaults, (vii) exposure to hazardous substances (i.e. asbestos, harmful chemicals), (viii) incidents with commercial carriers (i.e. airplanes, taxis, ubers, etc.) or (ix) other accidents caused by someone’s “fault”.

Fault can mean a number of things, but generally speaking, means that someone (including a company) did something or failed to do something that resulted in you suffering injuries. 

Not before Adidem, however, obtaining quotes is common practice for other types of law.  Most personal injury lawyers are hired through internet searches or through their referral networks, and most people hire the first lawyer they are introduced to.  Some end up happy with this result, others do not.  Soliciting proposals is also a very common method for hiring lawyers for other types of legal services.  So why is it’s important to run a proposal process when hiring a lawyer (or other person)?

Hiring a person or purchasing a product in a competitive environment typically results in you getting better information and pricing. It works when you are buying a TV or a car and it works the same way when hiring a lawyer.  Why shouldn’t you have the same opportunity for your personal injury claim? With Adidem, now you do.

More and more commonly, before hiring a lawyer, companies will request multiple law firms to provide proposals before deciding which lawyer will work on the company’s legal file. The company will ask for information from lawyers so that company can assess which lawyer has the best experience at the best price.

No.  Adidem provides you with a service to help you assess:

  1. whether you may have a claim,

  2. the potential value of your claim,

  3. how much it is estimated to cost hire each lawyer, 

  4. how much you are estimated to recover after all fees. 

After you compare all this information, you are free to decide if you'd like to hire one of the Birmingham lawyers that provided you with a proposal or whether you decide not to hire any lawyer.  There is no obligation to hire a lawyer after using Adidem. 

We also understand that some people may only want specific injury lawyers to provide them with proposals and may not want quotes from any personal injury lawyer in Birmingham, Alamaba.  As a result, our software allows you the opportunity to invite the Birmingham personal injury lawyers you want to provide you with proposals.  When answering the questionnaire, simply note that you'd to "invite specific lawyers" to provide you with a proposal.  Then enter the name and email address of the attorneys you'd like to invite to provide you with a proposal. 

After you complete the questionnaire, your claim will only be sent to the attorneys that you have invited.  Only those lawyers will be able to see your claim and provide you with quotes.  It is that simple. 

We know the importance of protecting confidentiality, especially when you are dealing with something as important as a personal injury claim.  So do lawyers. 

Lawyers are also bound by ethical obligations in Alabama and before any lawyer is permitted to provide quotes or proposals on Adidem, that lawyer must agree to keep your information confidential.  This is the same process that would apply if you were to meet with any lawyer in person.  You just happen to meet the lawyer through Adidem. It's no different than if you met with multiple lawyers and asked for quotes from each lawyer before deciding who to hire.

No.  Adidem is a software provider and is not a law firm.  Adidem does not provide you with any legal advice or legal services, as we simply provide you with a platform to obtain information from Birmingham, AL personal injury attorneys and to help you find the right lawyer for your claim or to see whether you have a claim.  Our software is designed to help you sort through the complexities of hiring a personal injury lawyer and make your life a little more simple.  


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*Please note that Adidem is not a law firm and Adidem does not provide legal advice. If you decide to hire a lawyer that provided you with a proposal, your agreement for legal services will be directly between you and the law firm and Adidem will not be a party to that agreement.

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