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7 Best Personal Injury Lawyers in Calgary, Alberta

Getting quotes from lawyers through Adidem is the easiest way to get information from Calgary accident lawyers. You can otherwise see our list of some of the top injury lawyers in Calgary here

Tara Pipella

Auto Accidents Car & Truck Accidents Wrongful Death  |  Slip and Falls  |  Personal Injury
Pipella Law |  Suite 200, Dorchester Square 1333 – 8th Street S.W. Calgary, Alberta T2R 1M6

About:   Tara Pipella is recognized in the 2022 Edition of The Best Lawyers in Canada for Personal Injury Law, and has been regularly listed in the Canadian Legal Lexpert® Directory as a leading practitioner in Alberta in the area of Personal Injury litigation.

Tara has successfully carried on the family tradition of her late father, Edward S. Pipella, Q.C., practicing exclusively in the area of personal injury law and acting exclusively for Plaintiffs, successfully negotiating settlements and arguing cases that ensure proper compensation for her clients’ catastrophic injuries. Tara now operates Pipella Law, and has developed a high level of expertise in the various areas of personal injury, and medical malpractice. Tara has appeared before all levels of court in Alberta.

Pipella Law Google Reviews


50 reviews


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​Melina Djulancic

Personal Injury  |  Motorcycle Accidents  |  Lawnmower Injuriies  |  Alcohol Liability  |  Premise Liability  |  Trucking Accidents  |  Product Liability  |  Auto Accidents  |  Workers Compensation  |  Burn Injuries
Braithwaite Boyle |  #200, 1701 Centre St. Calgary, AB T2E 7Y2

About:  Upon graduation, she returned to Calgary, and completed her articles at Braithwaite Boyle. While articling, she developed a passion for personal injury, and has been dedicated to contributing to the firm’s long history of excellence ever since.  Melina understands the challenges that an injured person faces in a complicated legal landscape.

She always works hard to advocate on her clients’ behalf, and to ensure that their rights and interests are fully protected. She was co-chair of the Canadian Bar Association’s Alberta Personal Injury Section, from 2017 to 2019, and continues to be an executive member of that group.

Braithwaite Boyle Google Reviews

28 reviews
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Ricky Bagga

Car Crashes  |  Trucking Accidents  |  Personal Injury Law  |  Trucking Accidents  |  Slip and Falls  |  Bicycle Accidents  |  Pedestrian Accidents  |  Brain Injuries  |  Spinal Cord Injuries  |  Dog Bites  |  Wrongful Death

Car Accident Law Group |   550- 71 Avenue SE., Suite 241 Calgary, AB T2H 0S6

About:   Ricky obtained a Bachelor of Laws with Honours in 2011 from the University of Huddersfield, in the United Kingdom. He studied the art of negotiation at the prestigious Harvard Law School and completed the Program on Negotiation (PON) in 2015.

Ricky practices primarily in the areas of Personal Injury, Real-Estate, and Civil Litigation. His advocacy experience includes the appearances, mediations, and court work at the Provincial Court (Civil, Criminal, Family and Youth Divisions) and the Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta.

Car Accident Law Group Google Reviews


70 reviews
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Todd Litwiniuk

Personal Injury  |  Catastrophic Injuries  |  Occupier's Liability  |  Motor Vehicle Accidents
Litco Law |   Suite 200, 5119 Elbow Drive SW Calgary AB T2V 1H2

About:  Todd graduated from the University of Calgary with a degree in Political Science in 1991, and obtained his Bachelor of Law degree from the University of Wales in 1994. He was called to the bar by the Law Society of Alberta in 1995, and has worked at Litco Law ever since. Todd has focused on Catastrophic Injury and Fatality claims, Occupiers’ Liability and Motor Vehicle Accidents, although he also has experience in many other areas of the law.  

Todd is an active member of the Alberta Civil Trial Lawyers Association, and he is devoted to protecting the rights of injured Albertans. As CEO of Litwiniuk & Company, Todd is committed to making Litwiniuk & Company the personal injury law firm of choice for all Albertans. His vision and dedication have contributed to the growth of the firm, without sacrificing the outstanding client service that Litwiniuk & Company is known for. He is also a member of Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO), and a volunteer for the SAIT Legal Assistant Program Advisory Committee (PAC).

Litco Law Group Google Reviews

331 reviews
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Shawn Sidhu

Trucking Accidents  |  Motorcycle Accidents  |  Workers Compensation  |  Wrongful Death  |  Slip and Falls  |  Dog Bite Injuries
Sidhu Law  |   400, 909 - 17th Ave SW Calgary, Alberta, T2T 0A4

About:  Shawn Sidhu has experience working with ICBC claims and other areas of personal injury law. Shawn takes pride in fighting for victims who otherwise may be taken advantage of, working with them in navigating their claim and reaching a settlement. Through Shawn’ s legal history, he has helped numerous clients navigate their dispute against the ICBC. The ICBC has developed a reputation of providing minimal settlement compensation for victims in need. Shawn works to directly combat this issue by obtaining personal injury settlements that truly reflect the severity of the issues at hand.

Shawn is a passionate attorney and has the drive to provide his clients with the best care possible, this has lead Shawn to develop a positive reputation, as well as relationships with top medical and rehabilitation specialists within the Greater Surrey Region. Shawn can also provide every respective service in Punjabi, Hindi and English.

Sidhu Law Google Reviews

50 reviews
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Richard Edwards

Personal Injury  |   Concussion and Brain Injuries Spinal Cord Injuries  |  Wrongful Death  |  Orthopaedic Injuries  |  Traumatic Brain Injury  |  Chronic Pain Teeth, Mouth and Jaw Injuries  |  Recreational Injuries
Edwards Injury Law |  2312 Spiller Rd SE, Calgary, AB T2G 4H2

About:   Richard is a born and raised Calgarian, with strong roots and ties to his community.  Following a family tradition of practicing law and medicine, Richard found himself interested in the complex and detailed field of Personal Injury Law.  Since 1992, Richard has focused his practice on serious personal injury claims and wrongful death cases.

Richard brings tremendous experience with negotiating, trial work, and above all, successful settlements for his injured clients.  Richard has experience at all levels of Court in Alberta, including the Court of Appeal, Court of Queen’s Bench and the Provincial Court.  In addition, he has been involved with leave applications to the Supreme Court of Canada, Canada Pension Plan and WCB Appeals, and has conducted over 300 judicial and private mediations.

With over 25 years of personal injury practice, Richard has been consistently listed in the Canadian Legal expert Directory as a Leading Practitioner in Alberta in the area of Personal Injury, as voted by fellow lawyers.  He can be counted on to deliver results.

Edwards Injury Law Google Reviews

50 reviews
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Trevor Ford

Personal Injury  |  Motor Vehicle Accidents  |  Slip and Fall Accidents Brain Injuries Wrongful Death  |  Medical Malpractice
Trevor Ford - Injury Litigation |  Suite 510 – 505 – 8th Avenue SW Calgary, Alberta T2P 1G2

About:   Trevor Ford has been a personal injury lawyer in Calgary for over 32 years. Trevor provides professional legal representation in the area of personal injury law, including car accident injury law, and medical malpractice law. Trevor has dedicated his entire legal career to ensuring victims and families of injury and wrongful death get proper and maximum compensation for their damages. 

If you have suffered an injury resulting from a car accident, medical malpractice, or in any way by the fault of another, you’ll want to retain a Calgary personal injury lawyer who has the necessary skills, experience, and track record to ensure your case is represented professionally.  An injury can be a life-altering event that impacts every facet of your life.  When you are searching for answers to deal with the aftermath of an injury, Trevor will provide you with straightforward advice in a manner that will inspire trust and confidence in his ability.  

When Trevor takes your case there is no fee until he recovers a settlement or judgment for you. Legal fees are paid based on a percentage of the compensation you receive; this is called a contingency fee agreement. In building a strong case on your behalf, there are costs, such as filing fees, expert reports, and witness fees. Trevor covers the cost of litigation as part of the contingency fee agreement in personal injury cases. 

Trevor Ford Google Reviews

50 reviews


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*Please note that Adidem is not a law firm and Adidem does not provide legal advice. If you decide to hire a lawyer that provided you with a proposal, your agreement for legal services will be directly between you and the law firm and Adidem will not be a party to that agreement.

Frequently Asked Questions About Calgary Personal Injury Lawyers and Claims

Getting proposals from personal injury claim lawyers in Calgary can be this simple! Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQ) on how Adidem works

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There are approximately 142,000 car collisions each year in Alberta, meaning that there are approximately 42,900 car accidents in Calgary each year. 

There are approximately 5120 people injured in auto accidents each year in Calgary (based on population and based on 17,200 injuries across Alberta in car accidents)


Yes, under the Minor Vehicle Regulation (Alberta), and as of 2021, there is a limitation on the amount an injured person can claim for "minor injuries" resulting from an accident.  That cap amount is $5,365, which is adjusted each year.  There can be a number of factors which contribute to whether your injuries resulting from an accident are "minor" and if you've been injured in an accident you should contact a lawyer to see whether you claim is subject to the cap. 

At Adidem, we know that the decision to hire a lawyer can be intimidating and that hiring a lawyer is not something you do everyday.  We believe you should have your choice of lawyer and you should be able to compare lawyers before you decide who to hire.  We take your claim to Calgary personal injury lawyers and ask them to submit quotes and proposals to you.  You review the quotes and decide what lawyer you want to hire!  Never before have you had access to this level of information and that is exactly what Adidem is designed to do for you!

No.  Adidem provides you with a service to help you assess:

  1. whether you may have a claim,

  2. the potential value of your claim,

  3. how much it is estimated to cost hire each lawyer, 

  4. how much you are estimated to recover after all fees. 

After you compare all this information, you are free to decide if you'd like to hire one of the Calgary lawyers that provided you with a proposal or whether you decide not to hire any lawyer.  There is no obligation to hire a lawyer after using Adidem. 

Not before Adidem, however, obtaining quotes is common practice for other types of law.  Most personal injury lawyers are hired through internet searches or through their referral networks, and most people hire the first lawyer they are introduced to.  Some end up happy with this result, others do not.  Soliciting proposals is also a very common method for hiring lawyers for other types of legal services.  So why is it’s important to run a proposal process when hiring a lawyer (or other person)?

Hiring a person or purchasing a product in a competitive environment typically results in you getting better information and pricing. It works when you are buying a TV or a car and it works the same way when hiring a lawyer.  Why shouldn’t you have the same opportunity for your personal injury claim? With Adidem, now you do.

More and more commonly, before hiring a lawyer, companies will request multiple law firms to provide proposals before deciding which lawyer will work on the company’s legal file. The company will ask for information from lawyers so that company can assess which lawyer has the best experience at the best price.

No.  Adidem is a technology company and is not a law firm as we simply provide you a platform to connect with personal injury lawyers.  Adidem does not provide you with any legal advice or legal services, as we simply provide you with a platform to obtain information from Calgary personal injury attorneys and to help you find the right lawyer for your claim or to see whether you have a claim.  Our software is designed to help you sort through the complexities of hiring a personal injury lawyer and make your life a little more simple.  


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*Please note that Adidem is not a law firm and Adidem does not provide legal advice. If you decide to hire a lawyer that provided you with a proposal, your agreement for legal services will be directly between you and the law firm and Adidem will not be a party to that agreement.