Adidem For Personal Injury Lawyers - How Adidem Can Help Your Practice

Adidem can help simplify and streamline your personal injury practice.

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What is Adidem?

Consensus ad idem is latin for "meeting of the minds".  All too often there is a misunderstanding between lawyers and clients with respect to the services being offered or provided by personal injury lawyers.  That is where Adidem is designed to help.  Adidem provides software that is intended to help provide additional information to those seeking the services of a personal injury lawyer (and simplify access to that information) while also providing software to help the practice of personal injury lawyers.  Here is how Adidem can help your personal injury practice. 

Adidem is designed to bring you personal injury client leads

We understand that lawyers are great at practicing law, and marketing isn't what most lawyers want to spend their time doing.  With that said, we also understand that marketing is an essential part of the legal business.  We strive to bring you a service which provides legitimate personal injury leads directly to you and to provide you with a cost effective opportunity to offer your services to individuals looking for a personal injury lawyer or are inquiring whether they might have a personal injury claim. 

There is also no fee to sign-up to use Adidem and to see what public claims are available in your State.  You will only be charged if you decide to submit proposals in response to an inquiry for a lawyer or in response to a request for proposals.  We also don't have exclusivity with select law firms - as we want to bring the personal injury market to those that need your services.  We allow any lawyer that signs up to use Adidem with the opportunity to offer their legal services to individuals looking for a lawyer through Adidem.  

For more details on the benefits of Adidem for Adidem, click here

Adidem provides you with personal injury practice management software

We also understand that an important part of a personal injury practice is the free consultation service that lawyers' provide to their potential clients.  This service takes time, and time costs your law firm money. 

Adidem has developed a user friendly and interactive personal injury questionnaire that is designed to ask your clients the same questions that you would typically ask them if you met with the client in person.  Best of all, your clients can complete the questionnaire electronically in 5 minutes from any cell phone, tablet or computer, without needing to commute to meet you in person.  You also don't need to spend time doing the initial consult as Adidem's legal software does this for you.  

After your client competes the questionnaire, and through our Adidem software, you can then provide the client an estimate of the potential value of his or her case, along with the estimated fee you will charge to provide legal services.  All your historical claims and estimates will also be stored within Adidem that you can use for future reference and for future claims. 

By using Adidem for your practice, you can save your firm time and money by using our software for your initial consult.  You will also provide a significant convenience to your clients.  Get ahead of the competition.  

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Here is how Adidem works

1.  Complete the Injury Questionnaire

Screen Shot 2019-06-20 at 9.30.25 PM.pngAdidem Personal Injury Questionnaire - Tell Us About Your Injuries

Simply send your clients a link to our questionnaire (below) and your email address and have them answer the questions relating to your accident and the nature of your injuries.  The client will need to enter your email address into the questionnaire and after your email address has been entered, you will be the only lawyer that can see the answers to the questionnaire.  Then they will need to create an Adidem account and login to see the answers to the questionnaire (and the information pertaining to their accident).  

If a person completes the questionnaire and doesn't add a lawyer's email address when prompted (and selects "Any Lawyer May Provide A Proposal"), any lawyer in the State that uses Adidem may provide that person with a proposal for legal services.  If a person doesn't have a lawyer and is using Adidem and invites any lawyer to provide a proposal, you will then be given an opportunity to provide a proposal if the claim occurred in your State. 

A link to our personal injury questionnaire is here

2. You will be notified when a questionnaire has been answered


After a client or potential client answers our questionnaire, you will receive an email from Adidem notifying there is another claim for you to review.  If your client has entered your email when prompted in the questionnaire, you will be the only person able to view the details of the claim. 

3. Log in to Adidem to view the details of the potential claim

Next, you can login to Adidem and see the details of the claim.  The client's answers to the questionnaire will appear in the field to the right on the login screen under the tab "Active Claims". 

4. Provide your client or potential client an estimate for his or her claim

After you review the particulars of your client's or potential client's claim, you will have the opportunity to "submit a proposal", which allows you to provide your client an estimate for the potential amounts the client may recover for his or her claim (preliminary figure only - which is the same process you would use when you are first retained), provide an estimate for the amount of legal fees it may cost your client to resolve his or her claim (and whether you will be charging on a contingency fee basis), and the estimated time frame to resolve the claim.  You can also provide your client any other particulars you'd like in this initial estimate process. 


5. Your client or potential client can review your proposal

After you "submit your proposal", your client will be sent an email with notice informing them that you have submitted them a proposal for your review. 

Adidem Client DashboardOnce your client logs in, they will see your proposal and can review the information you provided


6.  If a person is looking for a lawyer, you will receive notice if your claim was accepted

If you submit a proposal in Adidem in response to a potential client requesting proposals, you will receive an email notification if the client has accepted your proposal, and Adidem will send you the client's email address so you can contact them directly to retain the client.  

You can also look in your claims dashboard in Adidem at any time to view the status of your proposals and a summary of all your outstanding proposals and the proposals where you the client accepted or rejected your proposal.  See an example below. 



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