How do you find the best personal injury attorney in 2021

Trying to find the right lawyer may seem complicated. It doesn't have to be

How To Find A Personal Injury Attorney


How do you find the best personal injury lawyer in 2021? 

If you’ve been injured in an accident and are thinking about hiring a personal injury attorney in 2021, where do you start if you want to find the best lawyer for your claim?

In 2021, the best way to find a personal injury lawyer is to:

1.  Ask your family or friends who have used a good personal injury lawyer; 

2.  Use a search engine to research personal injury lawyers; 

3.  Use a legal directory which lists all the pesonal injury lawyers and law firms near you (i.e. avvo, justia, superlawyers, findlaw, yelp)

4. Use Adidem to obtain free legal proposals from multiple lawyers in your city to see if you may have a claim. 



Does it matter what personal injury lawyer I hire? 

Hiring a lawyer is like anything in life.  Some have more experience than others.  Some know more than others.  Some specialize in personal injury law while others dabble.  Some are more personable than others.  Some may value your case differently than others.  Some may be more committed to resolving your claim quickly.  Finding the right lawyer matters, and its important to get sufficient information to understand whether you are hiring the right personal injury lawyer.  But do you know what questions to ask to find the right lawyer?  Do you have time to interview a bunch of different lawyers? 

Most people do not.  That's where Adidem is designed to help.  We bring the personal injury legal market to you to help you decide what lawyer to hire. 

Find a Personal Injury Lawyer Through A Friend

If you've been in an accident, the first thing you are going to do is just ask around to see “who knows a good lawyer?”. This has resulted in many happy and unhappy clients. How do you know if you have received a good referral or if you are getting a good lawyer? How do you know if your lawyer knows the proper value of your claim or if they have the right experience on your claims?  To confirm, you are probably going to go to a search engine.

Ask a Search Engine Who Is The Best Personal Injury Lawyer Near Me? That is so 2018………

So you’ve come to or DuckDuckGo looking to find some information relating to lawyers in your city. So here is what you get if you search for “San Antonio personal injury attorney”.

google results for san antonio personal injury lawyer

Actual Google Results

But all you'll find is a laundry list of law firms or legal referral services.  Its a sea of personal injury lawyers, and advertisements of people who want to act on your claim.  But where do you start if you’ve been in a car accident (or other accident) and are looking to find the right lawyer?  To do your research, its going to take you an incredible amount of personal time. 

Use A Legal Directory To Find A Personal Injury Lawyer

When you use a search engine, you may find various legal directories which list individual lawyers and law firms that practice personal injury law.

These directories include AvvoJustiaSuperlawyersYelp and findlaw. Each directory includes a bio for the lawyers or law firms that may be able to assist you with your claim. It is definitely a nice feature that these websites consolidate relevant attorneys in one place and reviews for each of the lawyers is also helpful.

google search results San Antonio

An example of a typical legal directory and a search for "Top Personal Injury Lawyer in San Antonio". You see the lawyers that pay to be displayed (example here is — top personal injury attorneys in San Antonio, Texas)

While these legal directories provide a convenient service where various lawyers can be found in one place, it’s unfortunately only a slight improvement over the results you obtain in a search engine as the legal directories essentially provide you with an electronic yellow pages.  You still don't know how to find the right injury lawyer for your claim. 

In addition, the lawyers that appear on those websites pay a fee to appear near the top of the page. How do you know if the lawyer who pays to appear high on the directory list is the right lawyer for your claim?

So you still have the problem of not knowing what lawyer to hire, how to differentiate between lawyers, what lawyer provides you with the best value for your claim or what is the top injury lawyer for you?

This is where Adidem can help you.

Using Adidem to Find You a Personal Injury Lawyer

At Adidem, we use software to simplify the process to hire a personal injury lawyer and to provide you with the relevant information you need to help decide which is the best personal injury lawyer to hire.  

We also allow any lawyer to sign-up to use Adidem. No restrictions, no-sign-up fee and no exclusivity with any particular firm or lawyer. Rather than you having to look for the right lawyer, we bring the legal market to you.

This is important, as Adidem:

  • can provide you with access to the broader legal market in your city without you needing to contact all those lawyers;
  • allows any lawyer with an opportunity to offer their services for your claim;
  • allows you to obtain information with respect to your claim to determine which lawyer you may want to hire; and
  • makes lawyers compete for your work.

how to find a personal injury lawyer

Adidem can be used to find injury lawyers if you've been in a car accident, work accident, medical malpractice accident, a slip and fall or if you've been the victim of an assault

Here is how Adidem works.

Complete the Questionnaire and tell us about your claim.

You start the process by completing an online questionnaire describing the nature of your claim and you then create an account with Adidem. The Adidem questionnaire is designed to ask you questions similar to those a lawyer would typically ask you before the lawyer agreed to represent you and are the questions the lawyer will need to know to assess whether you may have a claim. 

personal injury questionnaire

Adidem Injury Questionnaire

It will also only take you about five minutes using Adidem (it may take you an hour to answer these questions if you met with a lawyer in person!). There is no also charge to you to use Adidem (it’s free to use).

That’s it. That’s all.

Adidem sends your claim to personal injury attorneys near you

After you complete the questionnaire, we send a notification to all attorneys using Adidem that there is a new claim for them to review. As noted above, we allow any personal injury attorney to use Adidem and attorneys can only see your claim details if they have agreed to keep your information confidential. This is the same process that would apply if you visited the lawyer in person.

Lawyers review your claim and provide you with proposals

If a lawyer would like to offer to represent you, that lawyer will review your claim and provide you with a proposal. We have developed software to conduct this proposal process for you. When submitting a proposal, we ask each lawyer to provide you with the following information:

  • The lawyer’s credentials and experience with similar injury claims (they can even provide you a video introducing themselves);
  • The estimated value of your claim. This means we ask lawyers to tell you approximately how much your claim may be worth and the potential settlement amount;
  • How much the lawyer is going to charge you for their legal services (cost to hire the lawyer). We also ask the lawyer to confirm whether the legal fees are only owing if the lawyer is successful recovering you some money; and
  • The estimated period of time it will take to resolve your lawsuit.


You review the proposals and select your lawyer

Once you’ve received proposals from different lawyers, you can compare the proposals and decide what is the best lawyer for you.

Let Adidem do the hard work for you.

Types of claims that Adidem can help with

Adidem can be used for any personal injury claim, including accidents involving a vehicle, workplace accidents, slip and falls, medical malpractice (injuries resulting from the negligence of a doctor or other medical professional), assaults, exposure to hazardous substances (i.e. asbestos, harmful chemicals), incidents with commercial carriers (i.e. airplanes, taxis, ubers, etc.) or other accidents caused by someone’s fault.

Let Adidem help find you the right lawyer now. 

Am I entitled to compensation as a result of my accident? 

Accidents are a normal part of life.  Did you know that there were approximately 480,000 vehicle related accidents in Texas in 2019? This means if you live in Texas, there is about a 1.5% chance that you'll be involved in a vehicle accident in any year.  That doesn't include the chance that you might be involved in some other type of accident.  Those statistics are generally consistent throughout the United States. 

Our legal and economic system is designed to provide you a right to recover compensation in certain circumstances after an accident.  Hiring a lawyer is important so you obtain the compensation that you are legally entitled to.  We all pay for insurance in one way or another and insurance is purchased to pay for claims if accidents occur. So if you've been in an accident and don't bring a claim, that often just means more money for insurance companies! 

So if you've been (i) in a car accident, (ii) injured by a doctor, nurse, chiropractor, physiotherapist or other medical professional (medical malpractice), (iii) in an accident at work, (iv) injured on someone's property (slip and fall), (v) exposed to hazardous substances, (vi) or have been the victim of an assault, you may be entitled to compensation as a result of the accident and its important to speak with a lawyer to determine if you have a claim.  But the legal system can seem complicated and how do you find the right lawyer, as not all lawyers are created equal?  Lets see what your options are. 

If you don’t want to read this entire blog, you can try Adidem to find the best personal injury lawyer for you —just tell Adidem about your claim and Adidem will try to obtain proposals for free from attorneys for your claim. You review proposals from attorneys interested acting for you and hire the best attorney for your claim! It’s that easy.

Otherwise, here are all of your options in 2021 if you’re looking to find the top personal injury attorney for your lawsuit.

You can also see our article on what questions to ask an attorney before you hire them.

adidem client dashboard


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