Are you looking for personal injury online resources? Here are 5 places to start

Are you looking for personal injury online resources? Here are 5 places to start


Where can you find a good catalogue of personal injury law resources online?

There are thousands of legal blogs in the United States.  Like anything on the internet, it can be daunting to figure out where to start when you are trying to research a topic or if you are interested in following or learning more about a topic. Today, we are here to help you sort through the process of where to find good personal injury resources online.

As you know, we at Adidem are all about personal injury law and simplifying the process to hire and find personal injury lawyers.  To do this, we also help our users by providing resources relating to personal injury law and the personal injury legal process. Consistent with our business model, making the process to find personal injury information online more convenient and simpler seemed to be a no brainer!

There are lots of great online resources that can help you learn and find information pertaining to personal injury law. If you're looking for some good personal injury law online resources (including articles, blog posts, information, events, marketing and more), we are here to help and we have consolidated a list of websites that provide you with personal injury law content and information. We won't reference all the personal injury law firms blogs.

Almost every personal injury law firm has a blog, and many firms provide some great personal injury resources. With that said, we have provided a brief overview of a list of websites and blogs that contain helpful personal injury law content and resources, and is a good place to start depending on what you are looking for: 

  1. Feedspot


  3. LawInfo


  5. Adidem


What makes these sites a good source of personal injury law information?

So why did we add these sites to our list of online personal injury resource pages?  Let's go through them now to see the type of personal injury law information and resources provided by each site.

  1. Feedspot (Top 50 Personal Injury Law Blogs)

    Looking for a personal injury law aggregator of information?  Feedspot has aggregated a list of the top 50 personal injury blogs in the United States. Once signing up for Feedspot's mailing list, you will get an email each time one of the listed blogs issues a new article.

  2. (Personal Injury Law)

    Are you looking for a personal injury law journal? was one of the very first online law and government information sites designed to provide a journal with articles and information for legal practice areas and generally. Legal Directory covers more than 250 practice areas, with one being personal injury law where they answer common personal injury law questions, personal injury terms (and definitions for those terms), links to other personal injury law websites, relevant personal injury law articles, legal events, and links to governments and agencies worldwide. All the information is easily found by searching through and online.

  3. LawInfo

    LawInfo is website offers a wide variety of free legal resources, including articles and videos that are covering different practice areas, includes personal injury law.  Differing from, LawInfo provides a list of resources by type of personal injury practice areas. In addition, LawInfo provides consumers with a directory of Lead Counsel which have been verified by LawInfo.

  4. is a media platform powering over 18 online U.S. national and regional award-winning legal publications that deliver news, rankings, reports, and strategy all designed with one purpose in mind: to give you the competitive intelligence to prepare for today and anticipate opportunities for future success. When it comes to personal injury matters, provides a summary of coverage of personal injury complaints, personal injury verdicts, personal injury court cases and trends in personal injury law.

  5. Adidem

    Adidem is just getting started.  While at our core, Adidem is less a blog and more a platform to connect with, obtain information from and retain personal injury lawyers in your local market (and to simplify the process to hire a personal injury attorney), however, an important part of our business is to ensure that our users have access to the information he/she needs to understand the personal injury industry and matters with respect to their personal injury claim. 

    Law can be complicated, and we aim to make it less so.  So we have started and will continue to give you with the most current trends in personal injury law, with an obvious focus on technology which is where legal trends will primarily continue in the future.  Our differentiating factor, Adidem is a technology company and our blog will focus on technology, specifically technology in the personal injury industry.

    Not only that, we want you to be able to find any information you are looking for to help you navigate your personal injury claim and to help you (as a client), have access to more information than has previously been available when it comes to hiring a personal injury attorney.  

    * special thanks to Alhanoof Aldossary for contributing to this Blog post.  Alhanoof is a law student from Saudia Arabia who is currently interning at Adidem and learning all about legal technology and the legal technology market in North America.

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