How to Use Adidem For Personal Injury Lawyers - A Product Tutorial

Adidem for Personal Injury Lawyers - A Product Tutorial

1. How Adidem is designed to work for personal injury lawyers


Adidem is designed as much for lawyers as it is for personal injury clients.  We know lawyers want to spend more time practicing law and less time marketing.  We also know that technology trends mean online marketing is becoming more and more important and that trend isn't going away.  With that in mind, we at Adidem simplify the marketing process for attorneys and bring the following to a personal injury lawyer's practice:

(a) quality and affordable lead generation;

(b) online client intake software; and

(c) artificial intelligence to help estimate the value of personal injury claims.

So if you're a lawyer interested in trying Adidem, here is how to use it.


2. Sign-up for Adidem by creating a free lawyer account


Step 1:  Click To Attorney Sign-Up Page

To get started, simply click the link at the bottom of the Adidem homepage titled "Attorney Signup" - as indicated below.




Step 2: Create Your Lawyer Account

To create your personal lawyer account, enter your personal and firm information to get your profile started. 



Step 3: Create Your Attorney Profile

Once you create your lawyer account, you will receive an email asking you to confirm your email address and your lawyer account.  Once confirmed, you can then log into your lawyer account and customize your lawyer profile.  This lawyer profile is what clients will see when they review your legal proposals. 



Step 4: Confirm The State You Are Qualified To Practice Law

Enter the jurisdictions (the States) you are qualified to practice law. This is a critical process, as you will only be entitled to see personal injury claims in the State(s) you are qualified and licensed to practice law. 


3. Review the claims and individuals looking for a lawyer in your jurisdiction

For no charge, we allow you to see individuals looking for a lawyer in your state. Simply log into your account and select the “Active Claims” tab on the top of the browser.  From there, you will see the list of active claims in your jurisdiction/state where an individual is looking for a personal injury lawyer.  Here is an example below.  


In your personalized claims dashboard, you can see the current personal injury claims in your jurisdiction where someone has been in an accident and is looking for a personal injury lawyer. Using the example dashboard above, here you can see that there is a claim in your jurisdiction and the initial claim summary discloses (at no charge to you) that:

  • the individual in the accident and looking for a personal injury lawyer is named "Kevin S" (the last name is not disclosed in initial claim summary);

  • the "new" flag (top right) means it's a new claim (it's been added to your dashboard since you last logged in); 

  • the "claim" flag means that someone is looking to bring a claim (looking for plaintiffs' counsel, not looking for a defence lawyer); and

  • the "public" flag means that the individual is looking for proposals from any lawyer on Adidem (publicly requesting legal proposals) - meaning that any lawyer in the state that has signed up to use Adidem can see the claim and submit a proposal. If the claim is marked "private" that means only you (or only you and specific other lawyers) have been invited to submit a proposal and only you (and those other specifically invited lawyers) can see this claim.  When the claim is marked "private", the claim will not appear on any non-invited lawyer dashboard in the state.


By selecting the "+" button, you can see some more preliminary information with respect to the claim.  Once you hit the "+" button, the following additional information will appear.




4. Select the claim you'd like to submit a proposal on

So you have found a claim you are interested in submitting a proposal on.

This is where you pay Adidem a fee to review further particulars with respect to the case and to offer your services to the potential client.  After selecting "REVIEW CLAIM INFO", you can then:

  • have access to the entirety of the particulars with respect to the individual's claim; and

  • submit a proposal offering your legal services.

Here is how it works:

Step 1:  Click "Review Claim Info"



Step 2: Review the claim information:



Step 3: Submit a Proposal:


Complete the information you would like to provide to the potential client with respect to his/her claim. This information can include:

  • customized and personalized video introducing you and your firm, which you can customize for the particular claim;  

  • your professional experience or any other information you'd like to share with respect to the claim; 

  • the time to potentially resolve the claim; 

  • potential value of the claim ($0+ -  and where you can give an estimated range).  There is an automated caveat in our system that any quotation is only an estimate for informational purposes only and is not binding on the lawyer; 

  • amount of contingency fees; 

  • amount of disbursements;

  • potential recovery range; 

  • your proposed form of retainer agreement; 

  • any caveats to your proposal or further information you require; and

  • any other information you’d like to share to help your proposal be successful!




You can even save your proposal and come back later and complete it.

After you submit your proposal, your potential client will receive an email notification that you have submitted a proposal and will be able to log into their account and see (and select) your proposal!


5. Get an email notification when you or another firm was selected for the proposal

Once the individual looking for a lawyer has reviewed all the proposals, he or she can select the proposal for the lawyer he or she would like to hire.  If your proposal was selected, you will receive an automated email notification as follows: 




6. Get an email notification when a new claim is submitted in your state

Once you've created an account on Adidem, you will now receive notice any time a "public" claim has been submitted in your state(s) and anytime you are personally invited to submit a proposal.   Here is what the email notifications look like once a new claim has been posted in your State. 




7.  See your proposal history and use the information for future cases

In your lawyer dashboard you can then see a history of all your proposal, including your win/loss ratio.  You can also use past claims as precedent for responding to future claims, all in one convenient place. 


8.  Use Adidem to automate your firm's client intake process

Our customizable questionnaire is designed to ask your clients the questions you would ask them in person, all through our secure and confidential software.  Our software also allows you to review and provide an initial assessment of your clients' claims through our software.  All your claims will also be available for your review in the cloud which can be used for future reference.  You will also be notified by email every time your client completes the online assessment questionnaire. 

How do you do this?  Your clients simply click the "invite specific lawyers" in our questionnaire and then enter your personal email address when prompted.  Once that is done, you will receive a personalized invite to respond to this claim and you will be the only lawyer that can see the potential client's request for proposals (assuming you are the only personal injury lawyer invited). 






See our Client Intake Software page to learn more. 

9. Personal injury artificial intelligence software

Obtaining high-quality leads and providing client intake software are only two parts of the Adidem platform.

Adidem is also designed to take your legal proposals and, over time, use artificial intelligence to estimate the value of a claim and the estimated costs to resolve the claim based on your historical claim data.  We take your claim history and allow your firm quick and convenient access to be able to efficiently estimate claims and to use historical information to help quickly estimate and resolve claims.

That's right. Adidem is the first legal technology company to bring the potential of artificial intelligence to your legal practice. The firms that have this information will undoubtedly have a competitive advantage in the legal marketplace.  

Never before have you had access to technology that brings artificial intelligence into your personal injury practice. 

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