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Personal Injury Damages Calculator - 9 Things You Need To Know To Value Your Claim

Before you hire a lawyer you should understand how much you may be entitled to receive.

So how do you calculate how much you are owed after an accident?  Like most areas of the legal industry, it depends.  It depends on your State, how you were injured and the nature of your injuries.  With that said, the legal and economic system in the Unites States is designed to provide you with a right to recover compensation if you've been injured at work or as a result of someone else's actions or inaction (i.e. negligence).  


5 Things You Should Know About Lawyer Referral Companies

A referral service is designed to send your claim to a lawyer near you. But will this be the best lawyer for your claim?

There are a number of lawyer referral companies.  These services are designed to quickly put you in touch with a lawyer for your potential claim.  But how do you know you are being sent to the right lawyer?  How do you know you are being treated fairly?  Not all lawyers are created equal.  


Do I Need To Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer to Settle My Claim

The Fact Is A Lawyer Remains Critical To Ensure You Recover The Amounts You Are Entitled To

If you've been injured in an accident, you may be wondering if you should bring a claim to recover compensation. To recover financial damages after your accident, you need to know whether you have a claim, the value of your claim and who might be a good personal injury lawyer.  In addition, not all lawyers are treated equally. 


What should you do if you are in an accident using Lyft or Uber

and can you bring a claim against them

Uber and Lyft have provided a significance convenience in the lives of commuters around the United States, and these companies have had tremendous success, including recent IPOs.  It will come as no surprise that given the popularity of these services, there will be a number of vehicle accidents when people are use Lyft or Uber.  If you've been involved in an accident when you were passenger in a Lyft or an Uber or were struck by a Lyft or Uber driver, can you bring a claim against Uber or Lyft?  Who is your claim against?