Use The Cloud To Automate Your Personal Injury Client Intake Process. 

Adidem brings technology to your personal injury practice.  You and your clients can now complete the initial claim review and assessment process anytime and anywhere. 

Use our software to complete your client intake process electronically, complete the initial assessment of claims online, and have access to all your claims in the cloud.  Streamline your practice and provide a convenient and modern technological solution to your clients and to your law firm. 


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Your Personal Injury Practice.  In The Cloud


Adidem Personal Injury Online Client Intake Software


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Complete Your Initial Client Consult Online

Our customizable questionnaire is designed  to ask your clients the questions you would ask them in person, all through our secure and confidential software. 

Review & Respond To Your Clients' Cases Online

Our software allows you to review and provide an initial assessment for your clients' claims through our software.  All your claims will also be available for your review in the cloud which can be used for future reference.  You will also be notified by email everytime your client completes the online assessment questionnaire. 

Save Time and Money With Technology

Our software is designed to make your practice more efficient.  Streamline your practice and bring your clients a convenient service to differentiate your law irm.

Just provide a link to our questionnaire on your site to get started.


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How Does Adidem's Injury Questionnaire Work? 

Use our customizable questionnaire so your clients can complete the initial claim assessment process online. 

Clients answer the same questions you'd ask them in person or over the phone when you'd initially assess their case.  Now they can answer the questions from anywhere without having to physically meet or contact anyone at your firm. 


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How Do Our Lawyer Claim Assessment Tools Work?

Complete Your Claim Assessments Entirely In The Cloud. 

After your client completes the questionnaire, you can review and provide an initial estimate for their claim all through Adidem's software.  Provide your clients your experience, how much their claim may be worth, and how long it may take to resolve theirr claim.  You can even send your client a customizable video introducing you and your law firm. 







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$20 per month 

per firm user


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